Smartphone are becoming FATphone ?

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[MAJ Jeudi 6 octobre: Après le lancement de l’iPhone 4S]
Je crois que la sortie de l’iPhone 4S et non du 5 comme espéré par beaucoup (et moi aussi) illustre que même Apple se livre à ce genre de pratique. Comme l’explique Patrick Beja sur Google+ un simple upgrade de performance pour l’iPhone 3G était satisfaisant car le 3G souffrait de problème de performance mais pour l’iPhone 4 c’est décevant.


This question is because of the performance race the phone manufacturer are running. Yes I agree somme particular usage needs more powerful phones, 3D gaming comes in mind but I can imagine some other usage are in the list. But let’s be honest for a second. Users, like you and me, are mainly (if not only) using their phone to mail,use social network, casual game (low power usage), listening to music, texting and watching videos. all these activity does not require very powerful phone but they are very battery and network consuming. So my point is easy! I don’t think we need more powerful phone, but I think we need more battery life and more network connectivity.

Does larger screen is a key point for mobile usage? I don’t think so because larger screen means larger phone and I don’t want my phone ending as big as a tablet.

I was just refining this post when I find out this Mobile survey done by GSMArena.

Mobile survey header

Here the Mobile Usage Cloud, Do you see any heavy computing activity? No!

Mobile usage cloud

But here is another chart pretty self explanatory.

essential mobile usage

I only see one activity wich require more powerfull phone and it is not at the top of the list.

By the way, we can point out that the survey shows we still have pretty basic usage of our smartphone.


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